Three Interesting Stats: North Of The Border Edition

Checking in on Pascal Siakam, an aggressive defense, and an emerging block machine.

In the Three Interesting Stats series, we hope to bring to light three fun numerical tidbits of information from the NBA and relate them back to what is happening on the court. Last week, in the first edition, we talked about isolation play in Brooklyn, hot shooting in Milwaukee, and a free throw machine in Philly. This time, we turn our attention north of the border- or, I suppose, to sunny Tampa Bay for the time being- to look at the play of the Toronto Raptors.

The 2019 NBA Champs (doesn’t that feel like 10 year ago?) are only 17-19 at the All-Star break after starting the year a sluggish 2-8, but have actually climbed up to a positive +1.4 net rating, per basketball-reference. There are lots of intriguing developments with this team, so let’s dive in!

Stat 1: 54.2%. Pascal Siakam’s true shooting percentage so far this season.

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Three Interesting Stats: Eastern Conference Contenders Edition

Welcome to my new series Three Interesting Stats! Here I will highlight three thought-provoking pieces of numerical information about the current NBA season and what they mean. I want the stats to elucidate in some small way what is happening on the court; after all, the data we collect traces back to the squeaking sneakers and swishing jump shots that we love to watch.

For our first week, we will focus on the three teams atop the Eastern Conference.

Stat 1: 1.16. The points per possession for the Brooklyn Nets on isolation possessions. (source: Synergy)

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