The Harden Trade Offers A Window Into Thinking About The Future

How quantifying championship equity can offer a framework for evaluating a blockbuster trade.

Note: This post was primarily written a few days after the Harden trade was consummated.

It finally happened. On Wednesday, the Nets pulled the trigger on a blockbluster four team trade that brought James Harden to Brooklyn at the cost of Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, Taurean Prince, Rodions Kurucs, three unprotected first round draft picks and four unprotected first round pick swaps.

In this post, I want to analyze the implications of this trade from the Nets’ perspective only. A fair warning before I dive in: I will get a bit philosophical here and use this fascinating deal as a stepping stone to introduce a framework I like to use to think about team title potential. And I will fully admit up front that I find this trade exceedingly difficult to evaluate and assign a tidy grade to the Brooklyn front office.

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